Light Language Labs (L3)

L3 events are monthly online calls available to all paid subscribers.

I started opening these calls in 2021 to colleagues and friends coming into light language or were interested in joining a safe space to explore their energetic talents, originally titled Monday Connections. Seemed appropriate at the time when many folks were at home, sequestered from society.

I also noticed that colleagues who practiced light language weren’t comfortable bringing this significant aspect of themselves into mainstream conversations and groups - as if it were something to hide. This may not be an easy journey for some, and I wanted to create a space for people to exercise their gifts in a structured, safe environment.

In these gatherings, you transmit light language and are witnessed; and in turn, you are witnessing you being witnessed in the moment. There’s something powerful and magical that occurs. In addition, you receive quality feedback immediately (vs. hearts and stars). I hold these spaces akin to a sacred circle. If you’re not familiar with sacred circles or ceremonies, I invite you to be curious and open entering this space. There’s a range of learning that is available to you when you exercise deep listening skills.

This space is for everyone to share and receive. So be prepared to participate fully.

VENUE: Online video call

AGENDA: Meet different folks interested or practicing light language. Practice light language with an audience and receive immediate feedback from the audience; likewise, when others share their codes, you offer your feedback.

DURATION: One hour

DATES: Varies; announced in the newsletter. I’m not one to follow a recurring schedule, and some days and times will have the wrong frequency for me. So I go with the flow and discern a good date for all who participate. I trust the folks who show up are meant to be in there.