What’s Heart of New Earth (formerly Nu Sifagon) and the content about?

This site is an education platform that introduces, demystifies and expands our understanding of the human’s capacity to be. Each month, I release an episode or two on my podcast, Return to Wonder, (currently on Spotify) and share select transcripts, other insights from my lived experience, and encounters with practitioners and professionals here on Substack - especially for folks who don’t listen to podcasts or are hard of hearing. My Substack site is primarily for the community: those who are interested in interacting with one another (although this is slow in establishing), expand learning through shared experiences (online L3 events), and other activities as we evolve.

The specific area I’m diving into are the high, cosmic frequencies from the universe that we can receive and transmit as sound (or no sound, but simply frequencies in movement) to uplift people; some of us are connecting with these frequencies through speech, sound, songs, art and movement. I’m curious about the science, the creative expressions I find in different areas of our lives, and the application in business and daily life.

In the modern spiritual space, transmitting frequencies is generally called light language or light codes.

In ancient traditions, cosmic energies (kiné) were sung or drawn through plant medicine and other ceremonies, or practiced among Sikhs, called Naad. You can hear the echo of it in the healing songs of the Native Americans, called Icaros.

I’m sharing what I find as I research cultural connections, historical artifacts, and folks transforming our way of being. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and content beyond the website and podcast. Journey with me to experience this phenomena that spontaneously occurs these days, and connect the dots across industries, countries, cultures and practices that reveal how light language/code/art have been elevating humanity.

Paid subscription supports my work to provide in-depth research, activities and talks to normalize light language + gives you access to a monthly online gathering to practice your light language or share your light codes which I’m calling L3: Light Language Labs.

About me

I came into cosmic language - or more commonly known as light language - in 2018. With nearly 20 years of professional experience in political leadership, fundraising, and strategic management in nonprofit, government, and impact enterprises, this was rather awkward and strange. I had to adjust to my new reality of connecting to the whole; ‘receiving’ past, present and future insights; and navigating an unfamiliar and conflicted terrain of the spiritual community.  

Professionally, I’ve held many hats over the years mostly in the fields of social justice, serving survivors of rape, human trafficking and domestic violence; children with alternative learning (cognitively divergent, as it’s more recently called); post-conflict zone women leaders; and other trauma survivors. I have not been one to sit silently about things that most folks find ‘taboo’, and when I came into light language, it was no different.

Since then, I’ve been on a journey of engaging with other practitioners, learning how people understand it in the context of their identity, experiencing what happens when we come together and weave our unique codes, as well as making sense of this new way of being in a modern society. In establishing Heart of New Earth (HNE), I’m returning to my educational roots by integrating my leadership training with accelerated evolution through frequencies.  

These may seem like turbulent times. But if you can see beyond your perception, a different reality unfolds. 

While I’m not on my computer, I try to create a healthy environment with and for my plants, propagating whenever possible. On the weekends, my partner and I explore different mountains and waterfalls of New Mexico and southern Colorado. I’m an active alumna of Harvard, where I’m featuring alumni from different areas of the Mountain Region on our YouTube channel, and support nonprofit leaders who are open and curious.

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